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Desert Henna Company

Over 15 years of Experience

The art of henna body design is becoming more and more popular in American culture. Henna, most commonly used for celebratory occasions in Indian, African and Middle Eastern cultures, is also used as a safe alternative to permanent tattoos by temporarily staining the skin.  I am a self taught artist and have been practicing henna for 13 years. I create decorative and realistic designs to create an elegant look for special occasions or to simply make others feel special.

My inspiration comes from the traditional designs of Indian henna as well as the various tattoo designs people choose to express themselves with and their personal stories. The joy a person has when they leave with their design and the excitement of having my artwork traveling with them is what motivates me to continue my work. 

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Want to know more about Jagua (blue henna)? See my FAQ page! 


Text or Call: 480-273-2975


Instagram: @deserthennacompany

My apologies to any clients who have messaged me via my website and did not receive a response. Due to technical difficulties, it is preferred to reach me through phone, email, or social media. Contact page should also be working! Scroll down to send a message.

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