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Covid Policies and Updates

Update: 05/01/2022

Books are open! Masks and proof of vaccination are not required at this time but masks are preferred. 

Update: 01/07/2022

During periods where Covid rates are low, masks or proof of vaccination is not required. However, with Covid cases rising, I will be closing my books until further notice. Some small groups may be accepted if you provide proof of vaccination and wear masks during the appointment.

If you have an event that is 1 month or further in advance, we can discuss scheduling under a pending status. If Covid numbers decrease, the appointment will be accepted. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Books will reopen when Covid cases decrease. 

With Covid numbers increasing and decreasing, my policies are subject to change. I will do my best to accommodate everyone while keeping my clients and myself safe. I currently have had my first two Moderna vaccines and one booster of Moderna. I will provide proof of vaccination upon request.

I will always wear a mask at my events and appointments. The requirements I set for my clients will change as the pandemic changes. Please check back for more updates! 

Thank you everyone for your understanding! Please stay safe! 

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